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This sparkling and raucous new comedy by Jones Hope Wooten offers delicious, fast-paced tales about - and starring - strong and sassy females. Women who are intelligent, eccentric, mysterious, baffling, bullheaded and brilliant. As this tapestry of short plays unfolds, you'll meet Vivacia, a Southern social media star, whose singular quest is to elevate the mediocre standard of American funeral foods. Travelling back in time, you'll meet three sisters in the tiny town of Fayro, Texas, who are reeling from a series of family secrets that quickly unspool just minutes before Lady Bird Johnson rolls into their community for a whistle-stop picnic. Back in the present, you'll drop into a year-round Christmas shop where the overworked proprietress slowly unravels as she attempts to train a new crew of seasonal-hire 'elves' for the upcoming and inescapable holiday tsunami. After spending a morning with Ennis and Della, a pair of self-proclaimed octogenarian fitness gurus, appalled by the lack of participation by the residents of the Stairway To Heaven Retirement Community, you'll share an afternoon with theatre royalty in Manhattan's Upper East Side. There you'll witness three theatre legends - world class hams, all - vie for 'best friend' status as they compete for the white-hot heat of the spotlight in the hospital room of their lifelong colleague... and rival. And these are just a few of the unforgettable women you'll meet in these joyous short plays that rapidly build to a delirious climax. With no set required, this easy-to-produce show is perfect for smaller stages. Audiences will agree this terrific new Jones Hope Wooten Comedy is surprising, side-splitting and, of course, shamelessly bodacious!


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