4M (doubling)

This unstoppable rollercoaster ride of hilarious short plays is all about, and starring only, men! As these fast-paced, absurdly funny tales explode from the stage, you'll meet men who are confident, men who are brave, as well as men who are as useless as the "g" in "lasagna." As this expedition progresses through the middle-aged male's natural habitat, you'll encounter Wade, who after badgering his widowed father for years to start dating again, has to frantically scramble to keep his dad from a romantic rendezvous with the last woman on earth with whom he should ever get involved. You'll spend time in Arkansas with Bubba, a long-time radio show personality who realizes he may have gone too far when he spills some of the small town's juiciest secrets during an unfortunate on-air meltdown. Then brace yourself for a quick descent into an unusual locale - hint: it's really hot down there - for a wickedly zany men's support group with Napoleon and Nero as they welcome a newbie into their ranks. Back to a slightly cooler climate, Florida, you'll get to know a group of wise-cracking geezers who regularly gather on benches at a discount department store under the guise of protecting their wives from hordes of manic shoppers, but in reality just to play topper and regale each other with rip-roarin' old jokes. After attending a fiftieth birthday party where an out-of-control Uncle Sam runs into existential trouble delivering a singing telegram to the event's honoree, you'll witness two good ol' Texas boys, long-time best buds, struggling to achieve the impossible - an honest conversation about the meaning of life... and, of course, sports. And these men are just a few of the colorful parade of eccentrics in these rowdy and rollicking short plays. With no set required, this easy-to-produce show is perfect for smaller stages. This off-the-rails Jones Hope Wooten Comedy is nothing short of uproariously twisted!


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