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Hilarity, Texas style! An over-the-top wedding, three feuding sisters and a church full of small-town eccentrics. What could possibly go wrong? In this fast-paced, laugh-a-minute comedy, the Futrelle sisters of Fayro, Texas - Frankie, Twink and their estranged sister, Honey Raye - are thrown together to pull off a family wedding. But it is not going well. Frankie's oldest twin daughter is marrying the son of the queen of what passes for high society in Fayro and Frankie is desperate to make this wedding an elegant affair. It soon becomes obvious that Fate has other plans...

Between Frankie's suspicions of her husband's infidelity, Twink's revamp of the wedding dinner into a tacky potluck supper and Honey Raye's bombshell news that's fueled her mysterious move back to town, the chances for this wedding being a success are fading fast. In spite of the best efforts of Miss Geneva Musgrave - the cantankerous wedding coordinator - and the homespun enthusiasm provided by Dairy Dog employee, Raynerd Chisum - the proceedings go hysterically off course with the stunning revelation that the bride-to-be and her intended have fled town. The Futrelles scramble to keep the mutinous wedding guests in place by staging a hastily thrown-together talent show in the sanctuary while the Deputy Sheriff races through the countryside to collar the runaway couple and drag them back for the "I do's."

This joyful Southern-fried Jones Hope Wooten Comedy about love, marriage, sisterhood and three hundred pounds of good, ol' Texas barbecue will have you laughing all the way down the aisle!


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“A very, very funny play… you won’t want to miss this!”
Bowie Blade-News, Bowie, MA

“Despite being a comedy filled with hilarious lines, some of the most satisfying moments were the bittersweet ones, the ones where the drama and pathos showed through the humor.” 
Front Row at Lansings Theatres, Lansing, MI

"The funniest play to come along in years!  This is the show that blew the top off! "
Broach Theatre, Greensboro, NC

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